What can help in finding the best football prediction site?

When you are looking for the best football prediction site, you are certain to make mistakes. You’ll take the utmost care with your selection but having so many choices and so many factors could make things a little bit difficult. There are tippers than you can think of and there are many factors you need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

Let’s follow the simplest formula of finding a tipper. It is to remove unbelievable tipsters from your list of tippers.

• You should get Egypt vs Uruguay betting tips in a straightforward manner. The tipster shouldbe clear in his approach that is to give accurate tip without any flowering like guaranteed winning. If you find a site using words like guarantee and 100%, you should understand that the site is overconfident. You should remove it from your list.

• Every tipster has a winning rate that shows his probability of making predictions. While an average tipper could achieve a strike rate of 50%, an intelligent tipster could touch the magic figure of 80%. But some tipsters claim to have a 100% strike rate. It is impossible and you should tick off such websites from your list.

• Tipsters often boast of their connection with football. Some tipsters claim to have secret business relations with bookies. A bookie can become a tipper but it is difficult to believe that he could continue getting tips from his bookie friends. Websites claiming to have business relations with betting syndicates are unreliable hence should be excluded from your list.

• Match-fixing has no basis. Some media reports indicate towards match-fixing but there is no concrete evidence to substantiate the claims made by news reports. You should click back from the tipster site that sells fixed-match tips.

• Tipsters have reviews from their loyal clients. They publish reviews on their sites. But sometimes they write reviews instead of waiting client reviews. You should tick off the site that has fake review instead of genuine user-generated feedback. A fake review would lack the force that a client review has.

• You should deal with the website that has a beautiful design, user-friendly navigation and no clutter. Simply put, the site should impress you with its design and functionality. You can ask how a website design is related to tips. There is really no connection between site design and tips but a beautiful design builds reliability in the long run. It is a matter of presentation.

• The websites that make business offers like a discount on bulk booking and price reduction on advance booking should be kept out of the list. A reliable site would never indulge in this type of marketing.

• The site that hides portfolio of its tipper can never be the best football prediction site. Every tips site has a tipster and every tipper has a background. And you have every right to know who the tipster is.

You should get combo prediction today in SMS and not in the email. You should remove the site that uses email for sending tips from your list.

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