Why fixed odd is expensive betting?

The earliest record of betting fixed numbers is found in the 1880s when newspapers used to publish details of upcoming football matches and predicted winners in advance.Also prizes were offered for correct predictions. Today licensed bookies publish list of matches and invite bettors to find winners of the upcoming matches.

What is fixed number betting?

The investment and winning price is set and no changes are made to the numbers in any condition. Unlike other bet types, it is easy to understand and play. You see a number and think over it. You use all your knowledge and experience on football to find the winning number. When you are certain of winning, you bet on a number. Results are declared with matches and winners are provided their share.

This form of betting is more reliable as the prices are set and they aren’t changed except in rare conditions when the bookies want to alter the price on demand or the bookie want to alter the price to change his liability. But the prices remain set most of the times. Due to set prices, this bet becomes an expensive affair. The bookies demand lion’s share for winners.

How to bet on set numbers?

For playing fixed odds 1×2, you need a gambling account that you can open with any online casino. An advantage of online gambling is that it provides more freedom and flexibility. You have a number of betting sites to access and also you have more choices. What is more exciting is that you have tipsters to help. You can buy tips from leading tippers and in this way win bets. It is the most convenient way of winning bets.

How to find a tipster?

Betting on high risk odds could be suicidal, if you go alone or without getting complete information. In this situation, you are certain to lose the bet. But there is a way to turn things in your favor and it is to buy tips. You can find many tipsters offering tips for fixed bets and also you will get guaranteed winning. But take care when you look for tipsters.

An experienced tipster can easily beat a bookie in the game of soccer betting. A tipper can see outcome of any match with his seasoned eyes. He has the secret formula bookies use for making odds. If your tipster is experienced, he has more chances of winning bets.

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