What you need for winning soccer bets?

Soccer betting is a one-way game with the bookies having an upper hand because of their knowledge, information and experience in the game. Large betting syndicates make odds that are easy to understand but difficult to break. Bettors find the odds lucrative but they are profitable only for the bookies.

Bettors need three things to beat the bookies:

1# Knowledge

Football is a 90 minute game separated two halves of 45 minutes. It is played between two teams and each team has 11 players on ground. The players can be divided into different positions and each player is responsible for his area. The players perform according to their physical health, weather, ground conditions and audiences. You need complete knowledge on the game of football to beat a bookie.

2# Information

What is your source of information? If you rely on newspaper, magazines and news channels for info then you are way behind the bookies that have direct access to teams and players. Large betting syndicates maintain professional relationship with football clubs and for this reason they get secret information like performance of players and opinion of coaches and managers.

3# Experience

You can judge performance of players from their previous games with experience. But before experience, you need knowledge and information. It is where tipsters have a clear edge over bettors and for this reason they offer soccer tips and predictions for today. Tipsters are friends of punters because they help punters with tips.

How a tipster breaks odds?

A tipper has complete knowledge on the game and also he has many sources for information. Also he has experience of breaking the odds. He can beat any bookie in the game of football betting. Betting is a number game in which you have to choose the right number. Just like bookies make odds, tipsters break the odds.

If you have a tipster on your side, you can give a tough fight to your bookie. The game will become more interesting with a greedy bookie eyeing on your pocket and a friendly tipster winning bets for you. The only condition with tipsters is that you should join hands with the most reliable tipper.

Free tips are no tips

Free tips are misleading and chances are the free tips websites could be associated to bookies. You should opt for paid tips that give certain results. You have more chances of winning bets, if you have paid tips.


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