What is the value of guarantee in the business of soccer tips?

If you are of the opinion that a tipster can’t be wrong then you are wrong. A tipper can also fail to break the odds but still tipsters give guarantee of success. Here we will discuss role of guarantee in tipster service.

Bookies v/s tipsters

Tippers use guarantee to attract bettors and sell more tips. Certain of winning bets, tipsters assure punters that no bet will be lost. But in reality they fear losing bets. The word guarantee shows that the tipsters know that they can fail in making correct predictions of soccer matches.

Should punters not take guarantee seriously?

Guarantee is an assurance that your investment won’t go waste and that you will get expected return on the investment. You can rely on guarantee but only after going through the past record of the tipper. In past record, you will see his winning rate and experience. Also you should see client testimonials.

What if a tipster fails in making right prediction?

You buy a tip that fails; you get a replacement tip for another bet of your choice. Second time the tipster is right and you get return on your investment. If the replacement tip also fails, you should switch your tipper. A top soccer prediction site won’t fail two times. I can make wrong calculation for first time but not for second time.

What is the difference between bettors and tipsters?

Bettors lack knowledge tippers have. A tipster knows more than punters do and for this reason he is better positioned to make winning calculations. The process of breaking odds involves calculating winning probabilities of contesting teams. It is with a mathematical formula that odds are broken and there is nothing like inside information that some tippers claim.

Could a tipper break all odds?

Tipsters are like experts and like others; they also have expertise on specific teams and tournaments.But some tipsters claim to have knowledge of all related to football. It is possible for a tipper to get comprehensive information on soccer teams and players but some tipsters make tall claims regarding their knowledge and experience.

How to find a reliable tipper?

Every tipster has a business profile that reflects his association with football. He could be a former player, coach, manager, bookie or even a punter with large experience in betting. You should go through personal profiles of leading tipsters and choose the tipper who you find more reliable.



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